Cultural Clash Nomade/ 30.08. – 22.09.2013 ( from 30 to 31 August in Leipzig)

A mobile exhibition project by Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts (HGB Leipzig – Prof. Alba D’Urbano, Carsten Möller) and Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD Geneva – Prof. Ingrid Wildi Merino) with students from the intermedia class at HGB Leipzig and the master class at HEAD Geneva

Opening: 30 August, 7pm, in the garden of GFZK Leipzig Museum of Contemporary Art

Opening Hours: Tue – Sat 11 am – 6 pm


Artists: Mari Alessandrini, Gottfried Binder, Cindy Cordt, Ilse Frech, Felix Leffrank, Stephanie Marek, Edna Martinez, Mandy Gehrt, Marion Goix, Severin Guelpa, Guillaume Mausset, Guillermo Fiallo Montero, Robson Missau Olbertz, Nicolas Rossi, Nicolás Rupcich, Anna-Katharina Schierholz, Jakub Simcik, Diego Vivanco und Christina Werner

The mobile exhibition project Cultural Clash Nomad will get underway on 30 August. Taking the form of a caravan, over the course of two weeks it will move from Leipzig to Geneva via Nordhausen, Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen and Strasbourg. Under the artistic direction of Professor Alba D’Urbano, Carsten Möller and Professor Ingrid Wildi Merino, nineteen young artists will present their views on cultural identity, our understanding of which is currently in a state of flux. Reflecting the travelling nature of the exhibition, their art will be displayed in tents and caravans. In addition, programmes tailored to and interacting with each location will be held comprising for instance screenings of videos and films, guided tours, readings, and finally in Geneva a display summing up the project. With the twenty-first century still in its early days, maximizing mobility appears to be its watchword. The form chosen for the exhibition alludes to migration, a seemingly all-embracing phenomenon. In fact nowadays everything is on the move, from goods and people to information and ideas.During the mobile exhibition project, artists/students from HGB Leipzig and HEAD Geneva will address the issue of cultural identity from historical, social, geopolitical and ethnic angles at each venue.

Intimate / 22.06. – 21.07.2013

An exhibition by students of intermedia class

Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig

Spinnereistrasse 7 / 04179 Leipzig

Opening: Sat 22.07. 5-8 pm

Opening Hours: Tue – Sat 11 am – 6 pm

Artists: Maria Auerbach, Sven Bergelt, Gottfried Binder, Natalia Bougai, Alba D’Urbano, Till Exit, Valerio Figuccio, Nora Frohmann, Molina Ghosh, Edna Martinez, John Mirabel, Robson Missau Olbertz, Anna Katharina Schierholz, Varinka Schreurs, Jakub Simcik, Johannes Stoll, Diego Vivanco, Kai-Hendrik Windeler

The class for Intermedia at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig is particularly known for exhibitions with a socio-political background. This exposition shows a slightly different side to the class. The focus here is based on individual, personal, intimate themes. „Movements on the other side of the moon“ – could be a way to concisely summarise the framework of the exhibition. The participating artists question themselves: Who am I? …in this place? …at this moment in time? The starting point is less of an urge to communicate directly with the outside world, to intervene or to raise social problems. These are essentially silent works. Through them the artists listen to their inner selves and eavesdrop on the hidden and encrypted elements of their own existence. In this respect, they are very intimate statements. Neither do the works however close in on themselves or remain in the state of pure narcissism. They point beyond themselves. One can feel in them the imprint of a social everyday life, the breath of the world around them. All which gives these artistic positions a sense of touching urgency.



Viaggio in Italia / 22.02. – 04.04.2013

An exhibition by students of Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and invited artists


Hohenstaufenstraße 13–25 / 60327 Frankfurt

Opening: Fr 22.Feb 2013   7 – 10 pm

Opening Hours: Tue + Thur 4 – 7 pm + Wed. 4 – 8 pm

Artists: Tina Bara & Alba D’Urbano, Jacopo Benci, Emerson Culurgioni, Katrina Blach, Gottfried Binder, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson, Valerio Figuccio &Michael Petri, Nina Fischer & Maraon el Sani, Ya-Wen Fu, Heike Gallmeier, Eiko Grimberg, Matthias Hoch, Kathrin Kunert, Verena Landau, Franziska Meinert, Nadine Neuhäuser, Marcel Noack, NUOVA, Ginevra Panzetti & Enrico Ticconi, Raphael Sbrzesny, Maya Schweizer, Maria Sewcz, Tim Sharp, Jakub Simcik, Heidi Specker, Silvia Stucky, Yukiko Terada, Dagmar Varady, Carolin Weinert



Photos by Nicolas Reichelt

Eine Arbeit / HGB Rundgang / 14.02. – 17.02.2013


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