Excursion Münster & Kassel / 23. – 26. June

Skulptur Projekte, Münster 2017

Dokumenta 14, Kassel

Excursion Berlin / November

Diese Garderobe… das Angebot, ohne Haftung…This Wardrobe / Rundgang 2017

9 – 12.02.2017


…special offer, no liability 

The situation this wardrobe … special offer, no liability … was staged in the entrance area of the Academy of Fine Arts (HGB) on the occasion of its 2017 annual exhibition and  was transformed into a walk-in art installation in the room of the Intermedia class.

Special offer: Coats and jackets were accepted at the university entrance and placed on mobile clothes rails. The clothes resting on this “movable coat rack“ were transported through the university building to the exhibition hall of the intermedia class. There this wardrobe was located in the middle of the room, suspended between the floor and the ceiling. The coats and jackets that had previously been handed over and consigned to the Intermedia class were transferred and pulled up into the upper half of the room. In combination with the exhibited art works, a visual image was created illustrating the theme  of archiving. Storage, recording, (human) bodies, temporality. An image that ultimately also raised the issue of who is responsible for this: this wardrobe … the special offer … no liability…