is part of the exhibition concept: ID-Cultural Memory in the Present
29.11.2018, in the Gallery of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (HGB)


What requirements does to BE POPULAR entail these days and what is POPULAR? What forms of addressing an imagined mass can be found in politics and art that are oriented towards POPULARITY?
In the present, a series of terms are once again becoming the subject of intense political debates that refer to the understanding of what „the people“ are, for instance: populism, democracy, culture, religion and, associated with it, identity.
In the symposium BE POPULAR at the HGB Leipzig the observed entanglement of cultural, economic and social dimensions of contemporary identity offers and identity demands has been addressed into lectures and discussion sessions.
The space display developed for the day, deals with the topic in a visual and performative way. The constructed setting in form of art-works took up the terms mass, movement, individual, and „pop“ and enabled an aesthetic experience.
Guests: Diedrich Diederichsen, Christian Falsnaes, Katrin Gottschalk, Jürgen Link, Kerstin Stakemeier and Christine Werner
Concept: Beatrice von Bismarck, Peggy Buth, Alba D’Urbano, Anna Jehle, Angelika Waniek, Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Marc Rölli
Symposium display and performative realization: Angelika Waniek, Anna Jehle, Stefan Riebel, Margot Cichy, Tobias Fabek, Tina Mamczur, Lydia Marx




On June 5th 2018 there will be a day dedicated to the current debates around #MeToo, #notsurprised and generally questions concerning gender based discrimination within the academic art world.

Many institutions and individuals with power in the art world espouse the rhetoric of feminism and equity in theory, often financially benefitting from these flimsy claims of progressive politics, while preserving oppressive and harmful sexist norms in practice. Those in power ignore, excuse, or commit everyday instances of harassment and degradation, creating an environment of acceptance of and complicity in many more serious, illegal abuses of power.

Über die wichtigsten Dinge some parallel situations / Rundgang 2018

15. – 18.02.2018 

See the Rundgang here …


anarchiv an exhibition of the class Intermedia with and about the archive of the HGB for the 20th anniversary of his re-establishment.

The exhibition an_archiv, which took place during annual student exhibition from 15.-18. February at the academy, deals with the holdings of the 1997 re-established archive under the direction of Julia Blume. It shows works by students of the subject class for Intermedia, who illuminate several potentials of an archive: that which could not find its way into a preservation and the thereby possible interpretation and related construction of history and what is stored in an archive.

The an.archiv was situation.01 at the rundgang 2018. Watch the more pictures here …