Excursion / 05-12.06.2016

Liechtenstein, Milan, Bergamo, Zurich, Sindelfingen, Baden-Baden

in relation to the project „Zeitkapsel“ from KUNST+PROJEKTE Sindelfingen e.V.

Book Release Evil is a squirell / 07.05.2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016 – Kunstverein Leipzig

Evil is a squirrel. Artistic and theoretical perspectives on evil at Kunstverein Leipzig on May 7. The book was published by Lubock Verlag in 2016.

If Alice is the devil and the devil is a squirrel, what will be evil? Alba D’Urbano raises this question on page 85 of the publication Evil is a squirrel, which, amounting to a total of 1680 pages, reflects several years of critical confrontation with the subject “of evil” and the exhibition project by the same name of the intermedia class at the Academy for Visual Arts (HGB).

Under the direction of Franz Alken, Alba D’Urbano and Angelika Richter, more than 50 HGB students as well as international artists put “evil on trial” back in 2009 already. The exhibition, which was put on display at the Leipzig Regional Court, also included a film and lecture series in the large courtroom of the Federal Administrative Court and several performances in an urban environment.

Now the book is finally available. But rather than saying it is now at hand, it feels like a brick lying in your hands: A highly compact book with numerous illustrations which, above and beyond the documentation of individual pieces of art, reflects the many years of theoretical confrontation with the subject issue (in German and English by, for example, Philip G. Zimbardo, Christoph Türcke, Karl Marx, Angela Melitopoulos/Antonio Negri, or Mary Jane Dean) and the manifold ways of dealing with a condition that is part of the human existence. It’s a good thing that the temporary exhibit has been successfully transformed into a permanent medium and shame on you if the book, devised by Marc Lotzman, should remind you of a bible.

Graphic submissions and text contributions by:

Dante Alighieri, Olaf Arndt, Tina Bara & Alba D’Urbano, Fabian Bechtle, Cornelia Bengsch, Mats Bigert & Lars Bergström, Marie-Luise Birkholz, Michal Bliem, Lena Brüggemann, François Bucher, Ann Course, Mary Jane Dean, Kai-Uwe Deusing, Rod Dickinson, Edison Studio, Meta B. Einvald, Sharam Enthekhabi, Front Deutscher Äpfel, Anke Gesell, Sebastian Gögel, Horst Haack & Philippe Dijan, Thomas Harlan / Christoph Hübner, Katrin Heichel, Harald Hund & Paul Horn, Stefan Hurtig, Internacional Errorista, Franziska Jyrch, Reiko Kammer, Tobias Köbsch, Julia Krause, Michal Kosakowski, Pascal Lièvre, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Karl Marx, Christoph Medicus, Franziska Meinert, Angela Melitopoulos/Antonio Negri, Guillermo Fiallo Montero, Marlene Morgenstern, Berit Mücke, Nadine Neuhäuser, Monika Oechsler, Jason Oddy, Jirka Pfahl,Moritz Reichelt, Angelika Richter, Franziska Röhlig, Björn Schinkel, Christian Schnurer, Heidrun Schramm, Sebastian Schröder, Jana Seehusen, Jens Semjan, Juli Sing, Sophie Stephan, Marcus Stiller, Uwe Stöß, Ronny Szillo, Yukiko Terada, Christoph Türcke, Andreas Ullrich, Dagmar Varady, Angelika Waniek, Carolin Weinert, Diana Wesser, Philip G. Zimbardo, Artur Zmijewski.

The event will take place on May 7 on the premises of the Verein für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig e.V. located at Kolonnadenstrasse 6

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under construction / Rundgang 2016

11 – 14.02.2016

The class exhibition of the Intermedia class under construction shows artistic works which have emerged from the context of the semester’s topic Mediechen – what we know and learn, we learn through media.

The sex, in a biological point of view of physical characteristics which may be different in humans in its distinction (sex) and in a social vision which may be the human behavior (gender), is particularly associated with terms such as identity and role, with enrollment and attribution.

When dealing with the issue of gender, one frequently comes across the term fragility, another such term used in this context is flexibility – it can be assumed, however, that gender is a mere artificical construct which consistently recreates itself …over and over again….through images, narrations, and discourse.