Intimate / 22.06. – 21.07.2013

An exhibition by students of intermedia class

Galerie EIGEN+ART Leipzig
Spinnereistrasse 7 / 04179 Leipzig


The class for Intermedia at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig is particularly known for exhibitions with a socio-political background. This exposition shows a slightly different side to the class. The focus here is based on individual, personal, intimate themes. „Movements on the other side of the moon“ – could be a way to concisely summarise the framework of the exhibition. The participating artists question themselves: Who am I? …in this place? …at this moment in time? The starting point is less of an urge to communicate directly with the outside world, to intervene or to raise social problems. These are essentially silent works. Through them the artists listen to their inner selves and eavesdrop on the hidden and encrypted elements of their own existence. In this respect, they are very intimate statements. Neither do the works however close in on themselves or remain in the state of pure narcissism. They point beyond themselves. One can feel in them the imprint of a social everyday life, the breath of the world around them. All which gives these artistic positions a sense of touching urgency.





Photos by Sven Bergelt, Kai-Hendrik Windeler and videostill by Nora Frohmann

Participating Artists