Eine Arbeit

Eine Arbeit / HGB Rundgang / 14.02. – 17.02.2013

Project of the Class for Intermedia

The class for Intermedia showed an installation entitled “Work” for the Rundgang exhibition of 2013. The spatial installation, which also took place in the class room in 2013, deals with the theme of art education today and focuses on its practices and strategies. It is based on a type of analysis and reflection about one’s own actions and transforms conversations, in part individual words as well as snippets of conversation and the resulting issues that arise in the context of teaching, into an audio-spatial-sculpture.

The starting point of this work is the question: How is an art-theoretical discourse run today? What are the assessment criteria? To what extent can a work be analysed? Is it at all desirable to dissect visual works verbally, or does the theoretical analysis detract from the core, the essence, that which emotionally touches us? So how does reflection and communication function in the art world? To “see” as a child of the light and therefore the opening of the visual world, which the students of an art academy deal with, as well as its opposite: “darkness” are the media of the installation.

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Work by Gottfried Binder

This text was used for the audio installation „Eine Arbeit“


A pure model; it doesn’t do anything for me.

The first thought, my very own. Like this, then like this and this – it sounds like, that’s inside it.

It has to be like this. Can’t be different. It was about that. Yes, of course, for me I’ve already said a lot.

It’s always about the same idea. What it does to us.

You don’t want that, but what you want you cannot say. And then you suddenly speak of philosophical ideas –  like a protection. What protects?

It was important, it was important for me. It is quite important, everything.

This constant chatter. Why is everyone always spoken to informally? Have I missed something?

It is not occupied at the same time.

I don’t want to say anything about it, everyone should unaffected make his own thoughts.

No problem. You can do anything you want. You can indeed say that. It lets you only say.

Exactly the same. Perhaps it is so. For me it is so. One has a personal responsibility, one such. I am surprised that it is not said. Open formal bridges.

In other words, for me now. Not really anymore, so to speak. You needn’t be afraid to reveal too much. Quite the contrary.

A bit of a shame. A lot is in it … from the starting point outwards.

I wanted it somehow, it belongs to the cycle … keep it minimalist. It is so. A model. I thought it was a bit out of proportion. A prologue.

While working it was about that, somehow. So and actually. Actually there should be plenty of leeway here.

How did you decide that it also works?


What does it have to do with me?

Show that as well? I can’t say anything about that, I didn’t show it. It was a big mistake to do that. It would have had at least sense.

How do you recognise that? Is it so? Proportional to it. You can’t see it in this size actually. Time-wise we have to slowly …

It is available. However you want – it was really good. Yes, that’s why.

Very much about proportions different from the original. Something is always lost. This is so. At the moment …

I have always viewed myself as … and tried to empathise. With this I can’t clearly identify myself. Not a bad idea, once quickly through it. Also somehow without end very easy, easy. Build again until the goal is reached. It has become nothing.

Well, it was very, very good.

We must see how this works for now. Formal questions to ask above all. No formal answers – this is one thing that is another.

Where is everybody? Who speaks for whom? One can’t take oneself out, go through the motions as if.

It oscillates – it could be suspenseful. I think so too quite interesting. Also, just like that. Snapshots where I kind of came up with it. No effort in between, without any thought. Yet you can make something out of it – that’s a good idea.

Bring it to paper, it penetrates. Actually, only a idea, found somewhere. Turned around and actually great. Was that it? I had thought somewhere, that it was a long time ago. There you can’t say much about it, I’d say.

Ignoring is always a good way. What for actually?

I think that’s an exciting moment. Other works came to mind. Underneath it is another layer.

So long, now much better. More about the picture. Like that you can’t transport it. Only one surface. A stratification … follows. Very related, everything. You are managing. I was first. It’s virtually another method. Optical basically the same. I’m not surprised. One must see where this one is. One’s own language in it. On the one hand things brought to light – many made. A lost page.

The fundamental question: What do you have to do? Penetrate one’s own.

Hm … Hmm …

Any material – to what degree are they my pictures? And with the presentation I have to think. And one is better.

One question is: that arises as with the others. This could be questioned. A pretty big opportunity. This is actually already the work. For the work, I thought about – very important. Something private, something that shows. Something from the work itself. To build sudden associations rather than destroy. I don’t think it’s possible. Very seriously. Basically, it is more about the movement. A collective matter, nevertheless it is also interesting as an image.

On the one hand, minimally careful, controlled; on the other, a small gesture and that is very interesting.

You make the processes visible. The work, how do you do it. It is difficult and actually always important … with the building. When I manage it.

Should I say something now? No. I was interrupted before, no one listens to it keenly.

I had a kind of idea – a projection. One could also …  I thought about that kind of stuff.

Viewable as a product. Thank you already.

Your turn now. I want to sleep.

Actually, it’s about language. Symbols. Active speaking.

You’re right. People. Synthesis; it is always in construction.

A gift for us, a window.

Some remain in the background. There was never time.

More in length than depth. We keep going, this is not the issue. Only as a guide. That there, that it is important that one practices it.

The bad and stuff. To proceed from the knowledge of other people. It is difficult … the major questions. Does one have such questions? There is always the possibility, then you have the time. Such things. It is not enough; is that right? We had that roughly already. Nothing’s changed. And then to talk about it?

It is possible. What do you mean? It reminds us, to do something.

Then the thought came. Do you know maybe. In the frame of things it’s about images. Less the last time, for example. Somehow a surface, each set on it. Not necessarily the one; another component.

It is certainly feasible. That’s the problem. Not a single work – of course. It wasn’t necessarily about. First. I find it also good, it fits well.

The idea from last time that has to be seen again.

Of course no one will fight forever.

Right now I have to think about it … To omit producing work that would be very nice for us, quite bold and simple, as decoration. Even so, as you say. Then we would have the opportunity – it is little used, sometimes. It was about dealing with it. This will strengthen the other direction. To emphasise this, let’s say this: one could combine it like this. In the broadest sense.

I have nothing against it actually. To not loose the connection.

There was another idea. That’s not the goal.


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